One of the more intimidating aspects of a business getting involved in the VR market is how to create great virtual reality content. The technology is so new and your organization probably lacks much expertise in VR development, design, or creating content. We’re here to help!

We offer a lot of content creation services…

  • We help produce the content. You might tell a story, you might create a VR experience, you might build a marketing campaign. We help create these.
  • We help build requirements for developers. This can get quite detailed and you need a lot of expertise to do this effectively. RT helps build this.
  • While RT doesn’t offer in-house development or design, we have a broad network of accomplished VR people who do. We connect you with the best of these.
  • Throughout the whole process (content vision, detailed requirements, development/design, testing, implementation), we offer project management support.


Here’s what we offer!

Depending on the scope of what you want to create and what your VR goals are, we’ll match you with the people that can do it. Whether it’s RT or an external development team, we’ll help you with what you need and do the work to make it happen.

This might mean building detailed requirements and handing it off to an in-house development team.

This might mean brokering a contract with an outside development company and writing requirements so they can create something great.

This might mean working with your creative team on creating an amazing VR app or experience.

This might mean managing the full project from concept to implementation and support. We would manage all the moving parts and help you realize your business case.



What does this cost?

We offer two possibilities here. The first is to pay us directly for our work. This will likely be an hourly rate for any resources required. The second possibility is a full partnership or joint venture. Under this arrangement, Reverse Tide would take an equity or revenue sharing interest in the project and we’d negotiate our respective value adds.

We bring a strong vision to content that will do exceptionally well in VR and have the expertise to create the content. We seek business partners that have an established infrastructure (funding, marketing, support) and customer base.

The main point is that we’re flexible on how we deal in creating great VR content. Get into contact with us and we can discuss this in greater detail and share some of the ideas we have.



Does RT offer any other services?

We do!

If you’re not quite ready to BUILD the content but are interested in VR, we’d suggest starting with a general market assessment or full business strategy. We offer both:

VR Market Assessment – this is a one day workshop where we can get your team up to speed on the virtual reality market. We brainstorm ideas, share some of our suggestions for your business, and jointly build a plan to enter the VR space.

VR Business Strategy – this is a much more in-depth service related to strategy and planning. We focus on a detailed strategy, the plan/investment required to get there, creating a full business case, and putting initial infrastructure (investment, teams, contracts, etc) to establish a VR presence



Ok, how can I get into contact, learn more, and/or get started?

If you have any questions or need more information, don’t hesitate to get into contact. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible…

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