The virtual reality market is heating up every day. New apps, new headsets, better technology. Your business could use a virtual reality market assessment to keep pace with these trends and how businesses are using VR.

It’s only a matter of time until most people have VR in their homes and officers and become prospective customers in the virtual reality space.

As a business, we assume it’s an intriguing market for you. And it should be. VR is set to change the world – how we work, how we’re entertained, how we communicate, and pretty much every industry.

In our business interests, we have a very keen eye on all developments in the VR market. Reverse Tide focuses on learning, education, and training and are positioning to be a major player as the VR technology evolves.

The question is… what are you doing? What is your business doing to prepare itself?

A few other questions you might ask yourself…

  • How can my business make money in VR?
  • Can we sell interesting products or services exclusive to VR or maybe use it as a sales channel?
  • What about advertising in virtual reality?
  • Can we use it to gather customer information or maybe provide services?
  • What else can it be used for?
  • And what are other businesses gearing up for?

You also probably want more background on the technology, the market, the infrastructure requirements, and the many other pertinent topics for establishing a business presence in the space.


RT Virtual Reality is here to help with all of these topics and much more!

We are well versed and well connected in the VR industry. We have a depth of knowledge in the technology but a focus on how businesses can use the technology for all the reasons just mentioned. And we’d love to partner with you in helping you think about it for your business.


Here’s what we offer!

A day-long workshop with relevant management, product, and IT teams. We can structure this in any way that you’d like. A few ideas: round-table discussion, brainstorming session, or presentation with Q&A. Dan (RT founder) will come on-site to lead this effort in coordination with your business and technology teams. The goal is to provide a comprehensive background on virtual reality’s current and expected future state and then apply it to your specific business and industry.

Our value-add is twofold…

First, we are armed with a lot of knowledge about this space. We have very detailed perspectives about the industry and detailed forecasts about the future. This comes from being immersed in the industry and having a deep network of contacts on the front-lines of developing this new technology.

Second, we are experienced in facilitating discussion and action for other businesses to get started. We will come armed with ideas for your business, discussion points for your leadership, brainstorming topics, and an action plan for how you can take the next steps in the VR market. The goal is to make this more than a discussion but a productive session that creates a detailed ‘next steps’ list and tangible accomplishments (ideas, strategy, project commitments, etc).


What does this cost?

Honestly, it’s cheap compared to what others would charge. You get a full day of sessions with Dan Perry (Reverse Tide’s founder). He will plan a detailed itinerary directly with your team and make it the most productive day possible (toward your specific goals). If we need to spill into a second day, that’s possible.

The cost is a $6000 flat fee plus any expenses (travel, supplies, etc) and taxes. Why is this so reasonably priced? Our goal is to help businesses get started in virtual reality because we have such a strong belief in the technology. We want to help you take advantage. And we’d love to help you further, whether it’s a continuation of services or a full partnership. We offer many other services and see this as a trial period to eventually work with your business on a detailed VR strategy, plan, business case, and managing the actual VR projects as they are created.


What will we get at the conclusion of this VR Market Assessment day?

Good question. The focus will be on tangible outcomes. A few common goals…

  • Management and relevant teams become well educated on the VR market and where it’s headed
  • The team develops a perspective and hopefully comes to a consensus on the future of VR
  • The business has a long list of ways they can benefit from virtual reality (marketing, content, as a sales channel, and more)
  • Management makes a commitment to building out the strategies and planning for some of these ideas
  • We create a document of actions, accountabilities, and next steps and have a timeline in place to accomplish each

This is your session. If you want something different than this, we’re happy to accommodate. But this type of format has worked well for all kinds of new projects in our experience!


Does RT offer any other services?

We do! This is our recommended first step for businesses with no VR presence today. Think of it as a kick-off meeting and the introductory commitment to explore this topic further.

But if you have already gotten started in VR, perhaps a different service is more appropriate.

We have two options:

VR Business Strategy – this is a much more in-depth service related to strategy and planning. We focus on a detailed strategy, the plan/investment required to get there, creating a full business case, and putting initial infrastructure (investment, teams, contracts, etc) to establish a VR presence

VR Content Creation – for businesses that are already equipped to get started, we help with VR content creation.


Ok, how can I get into contact, learn more, and/or get started?

If you have any questions or need more information, don’t hesitate to get into contact. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible…

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