The question is… how can you turn interest and a great market opportunity into a tangible strategy? In virtual reality’s early stages, this can be difficult and we want to give you every possible advantage. We want to help your business develop a comprehensive virtual reality business strategy. This takes on many layers…

  • Build a comprehensive plan to enter the VR market and a strategy consistent with company goals
  • Creating a business case with both financial and non-financial benefits, costs, risks, and scenarios
  • Getting the right approvals from upper management (and possibly even the board)
  • Building a team with the right expertise and mission including through hiring, planning a budget, and surrounding it with appropriate support
  • Creating a tangible execution plan
  • Supplementing the plan with outside help: project management, joint ventures, legal and tax considerations, and more
  • Ensuring the technical infrastructure is in place for a VR product team

We offer help with all of the above and any other strategic considerations you might have. The idea is to use our strategy expertise, virtual reality ideas, and large VR industry network as a means of creating a custom strategy for your business.


Here’s what we offer!

Our VR Business Strategy service is flexible. Every organization has different goals and needs help with different topics. We can assist with any or all of the topics above and can be as involved as required.

For example, we might help own business case development and work with key company stakeholders to build the strategy, assumptions, and plan. We would then help present the final document to management for approval.

Alternatively, you might nominate someone internally to do this and bring us in as advisors to check the assumptions and give independent feedback.

The best approach is get into contact with Dan so we can discuss your needs and customize services to fulfill them. We might be the right people to deliver this work or might refer you to someone in our network that is more experienced/knowledgeable in the services you require.


What does this cost?

Again, we’re flexible here. The best approach is to deliver this as a fixed fee or through an hourly rate. It just depends on the work’s scope. Our costs will be perfectly reasonable and we’ll only frame our fees as a return on investment. So get into contact with us, let’s discuss what you need help with, and we can come up with the right arrangement to make this worthwhile.

What will we get at the conclusion of this Virtual Reality Business Strategy Service?

It will depend on the scope of work but we prefer working toward something tangible. A few examples might be a presentation to upper management, an approved business case, a strategic document, or something else relevant to VR strategy.


Does RT offer any other services?

We do!

If you’re completely new to VR and want a simple workshop to understand the market and potential business opportunities, the VR Market Assessment is your best choice. This is your introduction before getting into a full strategy.

The VR Content Creation is best for businesses that are already equipped to get started. We help with VR content creation.


Ok, how can I get into contact, learn more, and/or get started?

If you have any questions or need more information, don’t hesitate to get into contact. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible…

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