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Virtual Reality for Marketing / Promotion

Virtual reality is the next great communication medium and will eventually become a mass medium of marketing as well. As it gains traction in its preliminary stages, the opportunity to promote your business is immense. Few companies are marketing in VR and many don’t know exactly what to do. But it’s cheap and ripe for experimentation.

Marketing in VR gives your business a new audience and gives your marketing department a new collection of tools to communicate your brand’s message. A 3D environment unleashes some interesting potential!

Example - Tourism

Tourism is one area that is already being heavily marketed in VR. Developers are allowing users to explore cities and their various attractions in a virtual world. Starting with 3D video tours, VR users feel like they are actually traveling through that city.

The potential for tourism is immense. You can give tours through city landmarks and monuments. You can do tours through its museums or sit in live on local events and festivals. Whether you’re operating a local tourism business and want to expand to a mass market or you’re a government wanting to create buzz around your city (to increase actual tourism), VR provides an interesting solution. We expect this to grow exponentially and believe now is the time to get started!


Providing virtual tours is only one example of marketing and promotion in VR. Marketers can create exclusive apps, launch commercials, sponsor content, and use virtual reality in-store for sales purposes. Virtual reality has more potential than online marketing because it’s more immersive for the user. You can more easily attract attention and engage audiences in a VR world than a rectangular screen.

Soon, marketing/promotion will go beyond today’s capabilities. You will be able sell directly through VR, engage customers directly, and replicate the search and social media marketing online today. Getting immersed now gives businesses a new tool and helps them learn and obtain data in preparation for VR’s mass adoption.

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