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Virtual Reality for Information / Demo

Because virtual reality creates life-like environments, many businesses can use it to give customers a wealth of information including immersive product demos. Just like pictures add credibility to an e-commerce listing and a YouTube video or infomercial helps demo the product, virtual reality takes these concepts to the next level.

This has been the most widely adopted business usage of VR in its early release. Companies are finding immense value in VR’s story-telling and informational capability.

Example - Home Goods

Home goods stores are using VR to help customers visualize products in their home. Buying furniture or designing rooms in a home can be risky because it’s a large cost and impossible to visualize pre-purchase. Virtual reality has changed that. You can supply the dimensions of your home and use a VR world to see products in that space before you make the purchase.

This helps customers decide on color combinations, optimizing furniture fitting and placement, and visualize styles. Businesses can then make design recommendations and cross-sell other accessories.


For anything involving real estate, there is tremendous benefit in sampling before making such a large investment. Home good stores have figured that customers feel more confident in their purchase and gives them a better buying experience.

Beyond this sector, any company can create an experience to deliver superior customer information. You can customize features, learn more about the product, and in many cases demo it before buying. VR is the equivalent of bringing an infomercial to life and customizing it for each individual customer!

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