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Virtual Reality for Entertainment

There will be plenty of gaming and entertainment companies creating experiences for virtual reality. This is obvious and will spawn 3D movies, shooter games, and more. However, can’t more mainstream businesses use VR for entertainment too? Can’t they create an experience to market their products directly or advertise their brand in an innovative way? Absolutely!

Since most early VR users are seeking entertainment, it gives businesses an amazing opportunity to be creative.

Example - Sponsorships

Sponsors are normally a bit boring. They plaster their names on billboards, stadium signs, or announce that they sponsored a tv show. All they really did was write a check to a company so their logo can be placed in front of a large audience.

Virtual reality gives sponsors a new opportunity. A business can sponsor a concert and film it in 3D virtual reality. They might sponsor a lecture series on an interesting educational topic. They might sponsor a game and sell it over a VR marketplace. Sponsors can do really interesting and immersive things in the virtual reality world. And it’s so much better than a simple logo!


If a sponsor will pay top dollar for naming rights or logo placement, why not build a VR app that creates similar brand placement but in a emotion-invoking way? The marketing benefits are so much stronger. Any businesses can create something entertaining to their prospective customers and increase engagement. This has a much stronger business case than a boring sponsorship.

Businesses will undoubtedly take advantage. We are on the frontiers of a new advertisement medium and the most creative firms will entertain in some really innovative ways. And since the space is uncrowded right now, the benefit is obvious!

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