Virtual reality direct sales

Virtual Reality for Direct Sales

Businesses both large and small can sell through virtual reality. Today, sales are primarily driven through VR marketplaces like Steam or the Oculus store. And so any business can create an app and sell it through an established distribution channel.

As VR matures, you will be able to engage customers directly and sell services direct to a customer. And since VR replicates a real world, you will feel like you are delivering it in person.

Example - History App

History is a tremendously interesting subject and large industry. Historians tell historical accounts through papers, books, lectures, podcasts, and websites today. Virtual reality takes that to a completely new level. Take any historical event. Rather than writing about it or talking about it, you can re-enact it and let the user witness it first-hand. They can talk to historical figures, witness world-changing battles, and see the world as it once was.

Since a historian has already done the research and writing to unearth these events, they just need to hand it to a developer/design team to create that scenario. And this would be very interesting to consumers. They can sell their work to them in a much more interesting form!


Direct sales are more than just about history. Whatever your area of expertise is, you can sell that as an experience or simulation in VR. Teach pilates to a virtual group or showcase your knowledge of birds as they fly around the simulation.

Beyond just teaching, you can sell services over VR. You might create interesting scenarios like the zombie apocalypse or deliver a stand-up comedy routine. Whatever you sell, virtual reality gives you more creativity to deliver it to customers. As VR progresses, you will be able to interact more directly with others and use it for sales beyond just app stores. VR will go beyond websites and give you a “world” where you can sell in your own private marketplace.

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