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Virtual Reality for Communication / Service

Virtual reality has an outstanding use case in customer service and communications. Whatever your area of business is, you want to have a good relationship with customers. You might use VR to communicate with them or exchange information. You might use it to provide them with a requested service. Or you might give them a channel to interact with your company.

In today’s world, we have three options for this. Customers can talk to a company’s representative in a store or office. They can write to them (email, chats, letters, etc). Or they can call the company. Virtual reality gives a fourth option. It gives customers the convenience of interacting from their choice location, but adds the closeness of direct interaction. Amazing things can happen from this.

Example - Health Care

Health care providers are already using VR to communicate with patients and to provide various treatments. This is especially true in mental health. Say a patient suffers from anxiety… they might utilize apps that calm the mind. Another patient might suffer from sleep disorders and be “prescribed” immersive VR experiences that induce sleep during night hours. Patients in pain use soothing VR simulations to distract their minds and ease those symptoms.

The tech is only in its infant stages but has the health profession excited about how it can better service patients!


In health care, you can help patients in so many ways. More than just mind treatments, VR can be used to communicate with your provider (wherever they are), learn more about health topics, participate in healthy activities like yoga or meditation, and much more.

Beyond health care, VR is transformational in how we communicate in all industries. Developers are working on making it an incredibly social experience, which bodes well for customer-centric businesses! At some stage, consumers will look to VR as their go-to source of communicating and businesses ought to get prepared today.

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