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Hey all and thanks for coming to our site. If you’re as excited about virtual reality as we are, we’d really like to partner with you. There are many ways we can do this. If any interest you, please contact us at

Let’s discuss what types of partners we seek…


1 – Business Partnerships. Our service exists for businesses to consider their own strategy in virtual reality. We can help with many things including:

  • An assessment of the VR market for you and your industry
  • Custom VR strategy development
  • Building a VR business case (costs, expected revenues, non-financial benefits, risks, etc)
  • VR content ideation and building requirements for it to be developed.
  • We can also help connect you and manage the project when it hits the development stage.

You can see a lot more about how we think about VR and our various services in Virtual Reality for Businesses. You can watch our full 9 part series to understand the VR market’s current state and our perspective for the future. Or alternatively, you can skip to the final video and discover how we help businesses more specifically.

Our goal is not to be consultants that take a fee and add no value. We want to partner with you. We want skin in the game and for our respective businesses to align in strategy. So we’d love to discuss that possibility in greater detail.


2 – Developers / Designers. To make it very clear, RT does not provide developer and design work. We don’t come from that background. Our expertise is in the business side of virtual reality. We do, however, build strong networks of the best VR developers and designers in the market. These are the people that have already created some amazing content. When we partner with businesses, we help construct the vision, strategy, and get content into a set of detailed requirements. Then we source a top development team to do what they do best.

So if you or your business has done some interesting VR/AR work, we’d love to chat. We’d love to understand everything about what you offer. Your service offerings. Your pricing. The jobs you’ve completed and what they look like as a finished product. And any data you have about the outcomes of such projects for the business.

Being part of our network goes two ways. If your clients need help on the business and strategy side or need good project management and content requirement skills, we’d be happy to consider such work. And if we work with clients that need developers/designers, we’ll keep you in mind. So get into contact today!


3 – Sales. If you like what we offer at RT and would like to join the team, please reach out. This isn’t an employee position being offered. Instead, it’s the chance to partner on finding clients interested in the virtual reality space. We’d include you in the deal and offer you a percentage of compensation for your referral. Get into contact for more details on how we can arrange this.


4 – Delivery. If you have a specific skill-set that would help us deliver outstanding work to clients, we’d love to hear from you and at least add you to our network. We aren’t hiring but if you have a certain expertise in VR, we’d love to hear your perspective and understand your skill-set. And if we’re ever doing work that could utilize what you offer, we’d get into contact for a sub-contract type arrangement. Reach out and let us know how you can help!


5 – Media. If you’d like Dan to speak or make any media appearances, also reach out. He can offer a unique perspective on the VR market, business use cases, what the future holds, and his special expertise on how it will impact learning, education, and training.


As mentioned before, reach out by email at Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!

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