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about us rt virtual reality

We are a very new company but are excited about the impact we’re bringing to the future of virtual reality. We have a few core goals…


1 – Help build broad awareness of all that virtual reality will do (change the world!)


2 – Build robust perspectives on the many ways VR will impact entertainment, communication, commerce, and more


3 – As we mature, we’ll build links with Reverse Tide’s parent site. We help people learn the most important career skills, get experience, and get great jobs


4 – We will also be working on building unique content. Much more to come on this! 



Think of us as your partner in learning about the VR space, considering entry into the market, building some really creative ideas, and moving forward into real planning.

RT is a division of Reverse Tide, which is the internet’s leader in learning technology, business, and marketing skills. We help individuals understand current and future technological trends so they can make an impact in the world.


Thanks for visiting us and we look forward to working with you!


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